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Haunted Palomar Inn
Historical Landmark Hotel
We invite you to investigate the Palomar Inn Historical Landmark Hotel. Not just any investigation but your very
own Paranormal Investigation. You will have access to the hotel when no guests will be there to conduct a ghost
hunt using your own equipment.*

The hotel was built in 1927 and is located in Old Town Temecula in Southwest Riverside County. While there have
been many stories over the years of guests having unusual experiences, it was only in January 2009 that the first
EVP was accidentally recorded. Since then many more EVPs have been recorded along with other personal

The hotel owner has finally decided to allow the hotel to be closed for paranormal investigations on a trial basis.
Don't miss this opportunity to conduct your own paranormal investigation in a truly historic (and haunted)
*DVR systems are not allowed unless the investigation is
comprised entirely of one organized paranormal group. Prior
approval is required before any DVR use will be permitted.
Some equipment may be available for participant use.
The first 'accidental' EVP recorded at the top
of the stairs after turning on the light.
Recorded at 4:32 P.M. on January 25, 2009.
Click on the above image for a report on a recent investigation.
Headphones recommended for better listening.
Courtesy of 'Bizarre Los Angeles' - Facebook
Hosted by Old Town Paranormal Investigations.
100% of fees paid go to the restoration and preservation of the
Palomar Inn Historical Landmark Hotel.
Signed copy required for investigation